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I'm (almost) finished with my bedroom makeover and wanted to share the results with you guys because I am loving how it's turning out! 

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Milk & Blush Review of the 20-22'' Extensions (Classic Set) In Shade Girl Band

Hey Guys! 
Today's post is super special because I'm teaming up with Milk & Blush (formerly Dirty Looks) to show off their incredible hair extensions. Watch the little video at the end to see how they arrive (spoiler- it's super cute!)

I had their amazing stylists match up my hair to shade Girl Band which is a cool blonde with larger chunks of a warm brown hue. The pictures below have zero editing and were taken inside on an overcast day- they are very true to color (if anything maybe a little blue cast simply because of the time of day and the fact that my walls are a light blue color)

I received the 20-22'' classic set which includes
1 quad weft (4 tracks of hair layered on top of each other for max volume)
2  wefts with 3 clips on each
5 wefts with 2 clips on each
2 wefts with 1 clips on each

Below you can see them in the light (notice how the brown takes on a lighter, more caramel hue in the sun)

If you're not familiar with Milk and Blush, their classic set comes numbered, indicating in what order to clip them in. (You'll find instructions included on where they go in your package)

Below, I've posted a comparison of my Girl Band Classic Set (below) and my previous set (Dirty Looks Manhattan Highlighted Blonde) (on top)
As you can see, the blondes are almost identical, it's simply the brown streaks that have been added.

Here I'm showing the length difference of the two sets.
I previously had the 16-18'' set which were about 16''
My new set (right) is the 20-22'' set and are a little over 20'' (probably more if you straightened them fully)

The lighting went a little wonky in this picture below but you can see the length.

Milk and Blush extensions c/o Milk and Blush HERE

As always, the extensions came in silky smooth with amazing shine. I've had my previous set for over a year now, and I think the pictures speak for themselves as far as their quality and longevity. I've tried many hair extensions, and I can honestly say Milk & Blush are my favorite. You can get yourself a set too by visiting their website www.milkandblush.com Use code SBK10 for money off at checkout! (SBK5 if you're based in the UK & Europe)

Look for my unboxing video coming soon where I will demo blending them with my natural hair!

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