First Post!

Hey everyone! My name's Kelsey, and welcome to my blog. Before I start off I  have a disclosure: 
I consider shopping to be my full time job. If you want to get the best clothes for the best buy you have to be dedicated. You may find this funny, maybe even obsessive but when you're in school and going to be supporting yourself soon you have to become a "smart shopper". So this is what my blog will be aimed at achieving- giving tips on shopping on a budget, my personal style, and reviewing some beauty products in between. 
So now that that's over with and you're still reading I can assume you are dedicated to learning how to be a saavy shopper with style. (Good choice! ) I want to give you a little idea about my own personal style:
I like to think of myself as a "feel dresser" in that my clothes will most definitely reflect my mood of the day. I never think of myself as too "put together". I rarely wear makeup, but I enjoy styling my hair. I try to accessorize but sometimes am a little too worried about what shoes I'm going to wear. So as you can see I really don't have magic formula, I just like to think I can make a lot out of what I have. 
So I really hope you get as much out of this blog as I put into it because it's something I truly love. The details following are for my look today. Hope you all enjoy! 
I would definitely say big comfy sweaters are my "go-to" look just because their comfortable and so versatile! I got my pants from LOFT, my sweater is from Joe Fresh, which is an awesome and affordable store that we found while in NYC, and my necklace is a boutique find from over the summer. 

Yesterday's look! 


  1. Hey girl! Love that you're blogging now :) Can't wait to get some fashion inspiration from you! -Kaitlyn :)

  2. Awe thanks Kait! I was actually catching up on your Madrid trip today! Hope to see you soon!


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