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For any of you who have been keeping up with my blog, I haven't posted in quite a few days. The truth is with having a job, my jewelry business, and school, it's extremely hard to muster up the time to take the "professional" pictures and write the intuitive material that I envision being posted on my blog. I always aspire to post quality content; stuff that is actually worth taking the time to read, not just post the first thing that's on my mind for sake of material. So I would like to think this is the start of my new and improved blog mindset. My posts may not always come every day or at a decent hour but they will always be consistent, informative, and above all fashionable.

For today I'm going to talk about what really goes into having what I would consider a "quality" blog post.

When I really get into a blog, it's because they have great pictures, an interesting topic, and a good fan base. First and foremost though is pictures. If I see someone who has a strong fashion sense and I feel like I could relate to them, then I am immediately drawn in. So today, me and my friend decided to take the day and do a photoshoot.

So I'd like everyone to note that this isn't a quick 1-hour thing, we started at about 10 a.m. and ended around 4 p.m. (This may not be typical for everyone, but for us we were genuinely enjoying ourselves and the weather was beautiful so definitely a plus!) I had picked out a few outfits and together we decided on a makeup look. Since she is amazing with makeup I was delighted to have her do a super contoured look with an equally as dramatic lip. We prepped and primed at my house and then headed out to take some pictures. We chose more remote and heavily forested areas for a great background. It took about 400 pictures and 3 different outfits to get a good enough variety. Because we took these semi-extreme measures to get the quality pictures I didn't have to edit them which typically takes me a while. So here is how some of our favorite  photos turned out.  

1. We felt like this one really showed off the makeup. Although my hair was a little wild, it worked! 

Check out the mastermind behind the makeup, Brianna, on Instagram at: @makeupbybriannad

She is honestly an artist and the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. I hope to do more shoots with her so we can really show off her skills.

 2. This one was a personal favorite. I loved the makeup, the look, the clothes, the pose. It all just worked and conveyed the wintertime feel I was going for.

3. Just.So.Snuggly. 

4. Location: Black Moshannon
I mean I'm on a frozen lake. Need I say more?

5. & Lastly, with the sun, the good vibes, and location, I would be dumb to not be smiling!

I was seriously so happy and excited with how these turned out that we are already planning for the next one.


  1. Awesome post girl! Love your new dedication to just finding the right time to fit into your crazy schedule!

    Adorable vest too!!


  2. Thanks Carlita! I got it in NYC, it's my favorite!


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