Photoshoot Take 2

Having a fashion- off day? No worries, because I'm here to help you turn it on.

Every girl has a great old, rugged pair of jeans and most of us have a classic white button up. If you don't, I would definitely suggest going out and getting yourself one. The look I'm showing you today is not only affordable but a fashion staple. No matter what era, age, shape, or size you can't go wrong.

Kim Kardashian (33) Jessica Alba (32)  & Selena Gomez (21) all have different body types yet are on point with this look.

The best part about this look is you can dress it up with a pair of black dress pants to go to work, throw on a pair of riding boots for the afternoon, or change into a pair of heels for the evening and still be very presentable and fashionable.

My outfit consisted of dark brown booties, slightly distressed jeans, a white button-up, and trench coat. (Items details posted below)
Makeup was done by the fabulous Brianna Davis you can check out her Makeup Instagram which is: makeupbybriannad
She is also featured on my links "Makeup Insta" so you can click there to check her out as well (:

Styling this look:
I rolled up my pant legs to right above my booties and would more than likely wear my jacket undone instead of buckled if I were wearing this out with friends. Like I've said before I am never totally put together and it's the small things that make an outfit your own. So see what different ways you can style this look!   

Brown Booties (Metro downtown State)

Jeans (LOFT):

White button-up (GAP) similar one shown here:

Trench Coat (Michael Kors) SOLD OUT ):

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