Rainy Days

The weather has been so bi-polar lately so I knew I needed to post a rainy day outfit! Usually I let the weather determine my outfit aka rain=sweatpants and a sweatshirt,  but when I don't have the luxury of staying home every rainy day, I have to find a way to work with the weather. I think this is a cute, casual outfit to wear if you're forced to go out into the real world on those rainy days. This outfit features a ton of my wardrobe favorites and essentials. Hunter makes another appearance for this post and I was just told today he hasn't gained a single pound since we brought him home! Looks like we are going to have a mini pup forever! As always, outfit details will be posted below and thanks for stopping by! 
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Dress | Kohl's | HERE
Purse | Dailylook | HERE
Cardigan | LOFT |
Umbrella | TJ Maxx | 
Shoes | Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx |

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