How To: Curl Medium Length Hair

Here is my first attempt at a tutorial on Youtube! It's taken me all day to figure out iMovie and upload this video so I really hope it's helpful and informative. I must admit, it's pretty awkward talking to myself and almost painful watching myself explain things but if it helps at least one person then it's totally worth it! If I get good feedback I would love doing more for you guys and would love to hear any ideas you may have! 

Outfit Details:
Tank Top| H&M|
Earrings (Old)| LOFT|

Lipgloss| NYX Butter Gloss in Peach Cobbler|

Aruba Travels

I just wanted to take the chance to share some pictures I captured while visiting Aruba! Everything is so vibrant and unique, from the color of the water to its natural landscape. I am still in awe as I look back and I can't believe I was able to see places that were actually this beautiful! The plane picture has to be my personal favorite. I don't know the which islands we were passing over but it was literally the most perfect thing ever. I truely hope that everyone gets to witness something this beautiful at some point in their life.

Kate Spade Lovin'

This post is all about this gorgeous Kate Spade bag I got while on vacation in Delaware. It's my first one and I couldn't be happier with it. I saved up for a while to be able to splurge a little on vacation and honestly it was totally worth it. I love everything about it- the color, the style, the material....literally everything! Now I'm already starting to save again for my next one! Anyone else obsessed with Kate Spade??? Check out some of my other favorites below!

Scalloped Purse| Kate Spade| Other Favorites HERE & HERE
Sunglasses| Ray Ban| HERE
Black Blouse| Express (old)| Similar Style HERE
Shoes| Kohl's| Similar Style HERE

Flower Child

Channeling my inner flower child with this amazing gauzy dress from Forever 21. Its details are just above and beyond anything you'd imagine for under $30! It was the absolute perfect dress for a hot evening in Aruba and check out the amazing flowers that were right in our front yard! Can I go back now please?? 

Halter Maxi| Forever 21| HERE
Pave Matchstick Ring| Michael Kors| HERE
Gold Initial Ring| JL By Janet Leigh| HERE

Vacation Blues

Is it just me, or is coming back from vacation one of the most depressing things ever? I feel like just as I start to relax the week is over. Luckily I was able to take two consecutive vacation weeks, but don't worry, it's no better. You're still left with that longing to quit your job and just live off the land, but then you realize you have an extreme clothing obsession that you must feed and you're back to square one. Anyways, my next few posts are going to be some of my outfits I put together on vacation. They also just happen to be some of my favs because I swear I've been saving outfits to wear on these trips since March! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

So happy that I finally got to wear this dress! I am obsessed with its low back, it is classy and sexy. 

 Dress| TJ Maxx| (only $20!)
Purse| Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC| HERE

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