Dirty Looks/ Head Kandy Hair Extensions

 In the market for some hair extensions?? Check out Dirty Looks 
I purchased the Head Kandy set: 16-18'' in the shade Manhattan Highlighted blonde.

*Top two pictures are with some enhancement and bottom two are very true to color in natural light. 

The set comes with 10 pieces:
1 four clip weft
2 three clip wefts
5 two clip wefts 
2 one clip wefts

Check out my video for purchasing information and some myth busting!

Update on 10/20/14
Wanna win your own set of Head Kandy hair extensions?? Well it just so happens they are hosting a giveaway! Click the link to see the rules --> http://dirtylooks.us/blog/win-hk-hair-extensions-competition-2
Ends on Thursday Oct 23, 2014!


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    1. The goal of it was it to be as helpful as possible because I went through the same process trying to find a quality, MATCHING hair extensions! I'm glad you found it helpful, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

  2. thank you for this video, it was so helpful! I am going to purchase a set of malibu blonde extensions, but I now am a bit weary about the length. I am a 15 year old who is 5ft, and I was ready to buy the 16-18, because i measured it and 18 inches seemed really perfect, but now that you have said that they are on the shorter side, I am now considering saving up for the 20-22 inches. I would prefer not to do that, because i measured 20 inches and that was wayy too long, I dont have enough money and it seems like a waste to cut heaps off at the hairdressers to make it more manageable. Are you still happy with the length on the 16-18? I still want it to be quite long because I have had short hair all my life. And I possibly might get my hairdresser to cut a tiny bit off to make them more natural. But me being quite a short teenager, how long do you think it would go? Sorry to bug you, I really want to make sure I dont regret my decision! Thank you again for the video!

    1. I'm so glad it was helpful!! I actually really do like the length of the 16 inches! My hair, as you can see in the video, is medium length and when I put the extensions in and curl them they rest just underneath my chest which is exactly where I want them. The only advice I can give you is to be sure you're measuring 16 inches from the nape of your neck because that will be where the longest layer sits and then I would go from there! The only thing that's good about the 20 inches is that they can be cut but again it's a personal preference. I don't know how long exactly you're hair is but blending can also be an issue if you go too long! Sorry I can't give you a definitive answer. Hope this helps! (:

    2. 16 inches from the nape is definitely a nice length! my hair is almost at boob length now,but its really really thick and easily damaged - I have to keep cutting it because it gets split so easily! Thank you again for your review, it was really honest, some of he ones I looked at were endorsed by dirty looks and were incredibly positive, then I found some 'horror story ones' like you said so I didnt know what to believe! This has made up my mind though, although I would be wearing them most days to school so I am not sure how long they would last :/ thank you! :)


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