Splurge vs. Steal

So this may be one of my favorite posts to date! You can't always splurge on everything.... I mean unless your rich or famous or both but for us normal people, we have to pick and choose our battles. I tend to splurge on the classic items- things that aren't too trendy and are going to last for a while. Some examples are a good purse, pair of shoes, etc. so this is going to show you some easy ways to "steal" popular looks.  I'm hoping to do these more often because this is genuinely fun for me and a good resource! I hope you guys enjoy as much I as did making it! I'll link each item at the bottom if you'd like to purchase!

Black Jeans Left// HERE Black Jeans Right// HERE
Black Over the Knee Boots Left// HERE Right// HERE
Cardigan Left// HERE Right// HERE
Ombre' Scarf Left// HERE Right// HERE

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