Selena Gomez Faux Hawk Braid

So if you didn't know, I'm a huge Selena Gomez fan! I love her style and her hair is always incredible!! I've seen a couple different takes at the faux hawk braid that I'd like to try but this one seemed the most wearable for everyone! I think I could have used a little more volume throughout the braid but for the most part I think it looks pretty good! You can definitely dress up this hairstyle with intense makeup like she did and make it look super glamorous!  

1. Start off by backcombing the front section of your hair to create a little bouffant. 
2. Use bobby pins to secure it!
3. Grab three strands of hair and begin a dutch braid. (For a dutch braid, you take each strand under the middle piece instead of over top like a normal french braid!) Still need more help? Visit HERE for an in depth tutorial for the dutch braid.
4. Continue braiding all the way down your head.

5. After you've secured your braid with an elastic, spread the braid apart a little bit to give it some texture and give it more of a "chunky" look.
6. Carefully comb back each of the sides and use a decent amount of hair spray to create slick sides. 
7. And there you have it! The Faux Hawk Braid! 
Hope you guys enjoyed this look! I'm always up for new inspiration so if you have a hairstyle you'd like to see please message me on Facebook or email me at

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