New Years with La Marca Prosecco

So lets start with the obvious, well at least what I think is obvious! I got a new camera for Christmas! I had been using my Dad's camera for the longest time. It wasn't a DSLR so I couldn't get different lenses to achieve that "blurry" effect. I got the Canon T3i which was extremely hard to find even though there are newer models out. I had read such good reviews on it even over the newer versions which is why I chose it and then I got the Canon f1.8 lens (thanks Dan!). So anyways, I'm just learning and experimenting with it and if anyone has any suggestions pleaseeee share!

Moving on to this amazing sparkling wine! I'm sure everyone has fun plans for New Years Eve. It's so much fun to dress up, get together with friends, and set a fancy table so I was extremely excited when La Marca Prosecco reached out to me and wanted to send me this amazing holiday set. What's a New Year without wine, right? They were unbelievably generous! Not only does it have an amazing taste, the bottle and packaging is so nice. You can buy La Marca Prosecco HERE, HERE, & I'm sure many more places!


*This product is intended for individuals ages 21+
Product was provided by La Marca Prosecco 
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