5 Ways to Tie A Scarf

Since it doesn't seem like this cold weather is going to be letting up anytime soon I thought it would be appropriate to make a scarf tying tutorial! Tying your scarf in different ways is an easy way to mix up your outfit! These are 5 quick and easy ways to tie any regular scarf (not infinity.) The type of scarves I used for each mini tutorial are the ones that I would pair with the method. Some are just better suited for thicker scarves and others for thin scarves.

Please let me know if you have any questions and/ or if you like these kinds of videos!

Scarves in Video
1. Urban Outfitters
2,3,4,5 All from TJ Maxx

*TJ Maxx is such a good place to get scarves. They have every color, size, and texture and they're always presented very nicely! Oh and the most important part...they're affordable!

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