Some Bibs..

Overalls// Asos// HERE
Crop Top// Forever 21// Similar HERE
Shoes// Aldo// Similar HERE

Did anyone else wear "bibs" as a kid?? I specifically remember going into Old Navy when I was a kid and heading straight to the jean section to get a new pair of bib overalls for school. When I saw they were making a comeback I was TOTALLY in. I love the idea of spicing them up and putting a crop top underneath or wearing them with heels. That's kinda my favorite thing to do with an outfit, have a juxtaposition that is just crazy enough to work. Annnnddd they're comfortable! I got these ones from Asos and at first I was a little skeptical because the picture they have on the site makes the distressed parts look more white instead of the off- white or yellow that they ended up being. I was going back and forth if I should keep them but honestly they are the only ones I've found that have the boyfriend fit and I liked the details so I decided I could compromise and I'm really happy I did! Are you guys in on the overall trend or do you think it's a thing of the past. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for reading! 

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