Casual Wear

Shirt// H&M// HERE
Jeans// LOFT// HERE loving THESE too
Necklace// LOFT// HERE
Purse// Asos// HERE
Shoes// Kohls// 


Dress// TJ Maxx// Similar HERE
Purse// Kate Spade//
Shoes// Converse// HERE
Watch// Michael Kors// HERE
Sunglasses// Rayban// HERE

I definitely did these posts out of order but this was the first day we arrived in Washington, DC. Like I said, it was a spur of the moment trip so we were winging it when we got there. First stop we made was Georgetown for some shopping, but we completely forgot it was Sunday so we were running around trying to get to the stores so quickly when it ended up no one was really closing early?? After we finished shopping we went to apparently theeee most popular restaurant in town (Fishers, Farmers, and Bakers?) and it was a a two and a half hour joke. We had heard so many good things about it that we decided to wait and ended up scoring a table outside that was literally 2' x 2' for four of us but we had a good time and made the best of it. You can see the California roll I got above and it was AH- mazing. After dinner I of course needed to go to the Lincoln Memorial because it is so stinkin pretty at night and while I was there climbing all around I scratched my leg on the most monstrous bush ever. Just my luck, but still scored the pic (: We had such a fun time and I can't wait until we get to go back! 

Washington, DC

Top// Express// Similar Style HERE
Skirt// Y2// Similar HERE and HERE
Purse// Dailylook// 
Watch// Michael Kors// HERE
Extensions// Dirty Looks// HERE
Sunnies// Rayban// HERE

First off, can I just say how much I love the city life!! There's something so special about being there. From the buildings to the people, I love everything about it. That being said, my sister and I were determined to take a trip somewhere and what better place to visit for memorial day than Washington, DC and let me tell you, it didn't disappoint! We stayed right downtown,  two blocks from the white house! We went to the Washington Monument and the National Museum of American History. We also went to the Vietnam veterans wreath laying ceremony which was really interesting because my uncle is a Vietnam Vet! Halfway through my sister made me aware that there were snipers along the tree lines (good guys) so that kinda put me on high alert but obviously nothing happened. All in all it was an amazing day filled with good times, family, and a lot of walking but totally worth it! 

Sparkly Kicks


Jacket// TJ Maxx//
Halter Top// H&M//
Pants// Pacsun//

Because I don't live in the most luxurious of towns (no hate, just fact) myself and Mallory have to be creative when we are deciding where to take pictures. It isn't as easy as just walking outside and taking pictures on some cute street with pastel colored walls and flower shops around every corner which is what it seems like the majority of bloggers have the convenience of doing. Sometimes though, we do luck out and stumble across the coolest spots which is what happened with these pictures. I love the character in these pictures with the bridge and old buildings and the fact that my jacket matched a bunch of stuff was just a plus (; 

Kicking It Old School

Dress// Forever21// Similar HERE
Shirt// LOFT// Similar HERE
Shoes// Journeys// 

Goodness, can we just thank the lord for spring and flowers! Everything about this time of the year makes me smile. The sun, family picnics, tan lines, beach trips, outdoor activities, the list goes on and on! I've been taking any chance I can get to get outside even if it's just for a couple of minutes to sit in the sun. So I got this dress last year (that's right, its a dress!) but I wanted to make it more casual and I'm obsessed with chambrays so tying the bottom of one and pairing it with my hot pink converse seemed like the perfect fit and so super comfortable. It's the best outfit if you're going shopping or hanging out with friends. Hope you all are enjoying this amazing weather too! 

Photography By: Bright Eyes By Mallory 

Maxi Love

Dress// LOFT// HERE
Shoes// Aldo// HERE
Sunglasses// Rayban// HERE

I'm going to level with you guys, I feel so incredibly awkward getting my picture taken. 98% of the time I am making some scary looking face and those are the pictures that get cropped haha. I was trying to recreate this picture I saw on Instagram where this girl was looking over her shoulder and her dress was flowing in the wind, she was holding her flip flops and it looked perfect. (she also was at some exotic location ): )Well as you can see, mine did NOT turn out that way. This dress is too heavy and was just not working with me. But I do have to say I love love love these Aldo sandals! I know I'll be wearing them a ton this summer! 

Ohhh Canada

Jacket// Express// HERE
Mesh Top// TJ Maxx//
Jeans// Pacsun// HERE
Shoes// Kohl's//

Oh, the Canadian Tuxedo. I have been loving jean jackets (late to the party, right?)  I've just never been that into them until I started seeing these distressed ones pop up. I think it's the perfect twist on an old school item. I'm cold 99% of the time and very rarely will you see me without a cardigan or jacket handy so this has been a perfect addition to my closet. I'm actually looking to get another one in a super light wash. Anyways hope everyone's having a good week! 

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