Room Makeover for Under $150: Part 1

Okay guys, so here it is, my room makeover!
I want to start off with an FYI: I actually spent around $280 total for this room makeover (I'm sure some of you are already rolling your eyes but let me explain myself) $100 of those dollars were for paint, primer, paint brushes, and rollers. Is any other normal person redecorating their room going to paint? I'd say probably not. My situation was a "unique" one and I'm going to tell you why.

About ten years ago (give or take a few) my mom heard about this "Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. You see Randy was a professor and unfortunately was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He held a job at Carnegie Mellon and when professors are nearing the end of their career they're asked to give "The Last Lecture." Long story short his lecture was given with the intention of sending messages to his children about the important things in life, things that he wasn't going to be able to teach them. One message to them was a recollection of his own childhood and how one day he decided to paint his bedroom walls...
"If you lead your life the right way, the Karma will take care of itself, the dreams will come to you. And anybody who is out there who's a parent - if your kids want to paint the bedroom - as a favor to me, let them do it. It will be OK. Don't worry about the resale value of the house."
So when I asked my mom to paint cheetah spots on my wall she never hesitated. Well they seemed to forget I have an incredibly short attention span and ten cheetah spots later, I was bored.  I ended up buying another color (see left wall, picture below) that was about 6 shades lighter...

Sooo that whole spiel was a roundabout way of saying if my walls had all been one color I probably wouldn't have painted them and could have saved $100 but on the plus side the light color majorly brightens my teeny tiny room and makes it look much bigger ((: DOUBLE WIN

Back to the budget, there's also some things that other people have around the house that they can use so I guesstimated that about $30 of my purchases could have been saved but I didn't realize until after the fact. That brings us back to our total of $150 which I'd say is pretty doable to completely transform a room. I've looked and serious makeover like new furniture, etc can be hundreds or thousands. For me, I'm just updating and organizing so $150 seemed A-okay to me!

Okay so now on to the fun part.....

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much STUFF fit into this room?! Hoarding award goes to....

&&& Now the fun part that everyone probably skipped to anyways......!!!!


I absolutely hate sheets, they serve no real purpose except in hotels so you don't have to use the gross top cover. But in the safety and sanitary-ness of my own home I turned my sheet into my closet door! 

^ Seriously so simple but so cute!

I think this is supposed to be a plate display thing for in the kitchen? But it looks much better with some of my purses (;

Let's just recap....

Before & After


&& After

Hope you guys enjoyed Part 1 of my Room Makeover! I still have a few things left to do on the other half of my room and then I'll definitely be sharing it with you! Listed below are ALL items I purchased for this makeover, both sides of the room. 

Home Depot Optional:
Paint, Primer, Brush, and Rollers 98.81

Target: White Bedspread 21.19

2 Gold Pillows @ 16.99 (33.98)
1 Silver Embellished Pillow @ 19.99
1 Decorative Pillow @ 19.99

3 Plants @ 5.98, 2.98, 5.98 
Black Plastic Pots: 2 @1.67, 1 @ 2.67
Miracle Grow Potting Soil: 4.97

2 Pillows @ 7.96 (15.92)
1 Body Pillow Cover: 4.92
Jute Twine: 1.97
2 Leather Cords: 2 @1.00 a piece (2.00)
Command Hook: 3.67
Planter Hook: .97
Wood Beads 3.97
White Sheets: clearance 11.00

True Value
Hole Filler 4.23
Metallic Silver Spray Paint 4.49
Command hooks: 4.79

TJ Maxx:
Silver Purse Holder: 7.99

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