Courtney Campbell Causeway

Top: Forever 21 HERE
Jacket: Express HERE
Denim: Forever 21 HERE

If you're ever in Tampa on a sunny day, I would definitely recommend making a trip to the Courtney Campbell Causeway. What a beautiful place to just be able to chill out and relax. They have a bridge that runs alongside it where you can bike, walk, run or be the lazy kids on the block and take pics like us (: The water was so blue and I just kinda fell in love with it- definitely will be a go-to if I'm ever there again! 

Work Daze

Dress: Forever 21 Similar HERE
Shoes: Charlotte Russe HERE

For my job, I am blessed to be able to travel all over the world. This past week, we were in Florida for a meeting, and they couldn't have chosen a more beautiful location.
I mean seriously, I could wake up to that beach every. single. day. 
Sometimes it takes seeing something so enormously beautiful to put life into perspective and realize just how little you and your problems are in the grand scheme of things. It makes me so grateful for the time and experiences I have each day. I want to take the time to remind anyone who reads this to take the time to see the beautiful in people, places, things, & experiences. 
Have a great week, everyone!

*On a lighter note- ever tried to take a picture resting your camera on the back of a chair? No? Me either until this trip. But honestly, I don't think they turned out too bad! 

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